Shoup \ shop \ 1: to hunt through a market in search of the best buy  2: a handicraft establishment  3: Shawn’s last name


Shawn Shoup has been doing graphics design work, editing videos and building websites his entire adult life as part of different roles in ministry and work with various organizations. After having been asked to do several freelance projects, he decided to offer his services more broadly here.

Shawn is also an in-the-trenches pastor, serving the church for decades. He knows ministry needs and how to communicate clearly to reach people groups and congregations.

Shawn is a family man and father of seven. He currently serves as the associate pastor at Pine Valley Church in Bayfield, Colorado, where he participates in the worship, media, small groups and communications departments. He is also the NextGen Rep for the Gateway District of Foursquare, where he cares for, resources, networks and disciples pastors and leaders who care for the next generation (children’s youth and young adult pastors).

ElevatingaGeneration.org – Shawn’s family website

ShawnMichael.org – Shawn’s artist website

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